The Project STAi


The Project S.T.A.i.

The STAI Project (Territorial Synergies to Accomplish Inclusion) was born from an agreement between CISL Vicenza, Anolf Vicenza and a group of operators with experience  in the field of social services and immigration policies. The project aims  to create a network of territorial services wich will reduce the risk of social exclusion for the foreign citizens that live in Vicenza Provence, by offering counseling, professional training and supporting employment. Our approach is to focus on the empowerment of each  individual, based on  his needs and his growth potential .

To whom it addresses:

We are present in Vicenza with two locations, two desks that offer  to the foreign citizens  services like cultural mediation and counseling , aiming to facilitate the relationship between the citizen and the local services.

Beyond that, the project is also open to all the public and private organizations such as companies , local associations, private citizens that deal on a daily basis with foreigners and may need support to facilitate and improve mutual interaction.


The guiding line of STAI project is the belief that the quality of a community's life is measured  by the capacity to reach it’s highest level of fulfillment of one’s rights as well as the accomplishment of everyone’s duties, for all its citizens , in order to reach a multicultural society based on mutual respect and safety.

Our Services

  • For foreign citizens:
    • documents and paperwork
    • orientation/counseling to local services
    • counseling for employment
    • professional training
    • multilingual information desk


  • For the companies:
    • cultural mediation
    • activation of job placement projects
    • information and legal counseling


0444 - 228711

324-0108299 - 324-0108305

  • Via Torino 28, Vicenza
  • Viale G. Carducci 23, Vicenza

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